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GroenLinks is asking for hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new nature reserve

GroenLinks wants to revive plans to connect Oostvaardersplassen and Veluwe and create the Oostvaarderswold Reserve, which was abandoned many years ago. To do this, we need to create 1,000-2,000 hectares of natural links.

This cost, which amounts to between €250-400 million, will come from the €24 billion allocated by the Cabinet for the Nitrogen Approach and other state, national and European budgets for the creation of natural areas. It is

According to GroenLinks, this will create “more than 15,000 hectares of ecologically connected natural areas.” By connecting the two regions and giving nature space, places that are “less impacted” by nitrogen will be strengthened, the party said Saturday.

In 2010, former Secretary of State Henk Bleker (Agriculture and Nature) made a line under the Oostvaarderswold project. He didn’t want farmland to change naturally. Flevoland wanted to continue the project, but it didn’t happen. But GroenLinks now wants the project to come to fruition. The party intends to fight for this, together with politicians from The Hague and the local councils of Flevoland and Gelderland.

“Years of right-wing policies have ensured that nature is in a bad state,” said Jesse Klaver, leader of GroenLinks. “We need more nature. That’s why we need to think big. GroenLinks doesn’t want to build additional highways or airports, but to build the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands.” I want to build.”

Corina Straatsma, list leader for GroenLinks Flevoland, said: She “wants to integrate the nature reserves of Flevoland into a coherent network that includes a link to the Veluwe River.”

Charlotte de Roo, leader of Gelderland’s GroenLinks list, said the construction of Oostvaarderswold will provide more space for larger grazing animals. “It also gives wolves space for natural wildlife management,” she said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/04/groenlinks-wants-hundreds-millions-construction-new-nature-reserve GroenLinks is asking for hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new nature reserve

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