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Groningen announces additional energy support measures – The Northern Times

The Netherlands, like many countries around the world, is facing pressure on rising commodity and energy prices, inflation and cost of living after the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. Low-income households, pensioners and students are disproportionately affected by rising energy costs. With many people unable to increase their income through work and many low-income households not claiming the benefits they are entitled to, it is most logical to provide universal support to this group.

We already have a range of benefits and financial support Available For those who are having trouble paying their electricity and gas bills. This support is tax-free and does not affect existing reward awards. If you’re not sure what you’re eligible for or whether you’re claiming the right benefits, check here.

Utility expenses special subsidy

For those with special needs, the municipality of Groningen offer Additional “Special Needs” (bijsondere bijstand) reduce costs associated with home energy bills, in addition to those already provided since earlier this year. Additionally, local authorities have said they will no longer look at your property when determining whether you are eligible for this assistance. That is, savings and other wealth are not taken into account. However, overall income is considered. If your income is over 120% of the social assistance standard, the municipality will calculate how much you can pay yourself.


You can apply for special assistance through your municipality. websiteSavings and other wealth are irrelevant, so you can enter ‘no’ or ‘€ 0.00’ when answering questions about wealth. When applying for special assistance, you should have the following documents on hand so you can upload them to complete your application:

  • Final invoice from energy company.If this is not yet available: Documents certifying the old and new reimbursement amount
  • income verification
  • A copy of your bank statement or debit card to verify your account number

Get help from your energy provider

Energy suppliers also offer tips on how to save energy. So take a look at her website for your energy supplier and see if there is any helpful information.

You can also get financial advice through a free consultation with Groningse Kredietbank, a free support service provided by financial institutions to help people in vulnerable situations.

To make sure you’re getting all the support that’s offered and for more information on government cost of living support, visit help package For more information, please visit our webpage.

https://northerntimes.nl/groningen-announces-additional-energy-assistance-measure/ Groningen announces additional energy support measures – The Northern Times

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