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Groningen-Assen rail service to be replaced by buses this weekend – The Northern Times

Train services between Groningen and Assen are set to be temporarily replaced by buses during the upcoming weekend, Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12. The interruption is due to essential track maintenance work being carried out by ProRail, impacting travel plans for those commuting between the two cities.

ProRail, the Dutch railway infrastructure manager, has scheduled maintenance activities for the weekend, focusing on overhead lines in the vicinity of Haren. Additionally, various sections of the track will undergo the replacement of rail tracks, contributing to the improvement and reliability of the rail network.

Impact on travel

To accommodate passengers during this period, the Netherlands Railways (NS) will be providing alternative bus services. However, commuters are advised to factor in an additional 30 minutes to their usual travel time. These arrangements have been made to ensure the safety and efficiency of train travel in the region.

The bus replacement service will operate every 30 minutes, with buses departing from Groningen Central Station and Assen Station. The journey time will be 30-35 minutes.

Passengers opting for the replacement bus services are reminded to carry a valid transportation pass, such as an ov-chipkaart, a debit card, or a pre-purchased ticket. This will ensure a seamless transition to the temporary transportation arrangements.

Planning ahead with NS travel planner

NS strongly recommends that travelers plan their journeys in advance using the NS travel planner. This online tool provides real-time information about scheduled train services and details about the alternative transportation options available during this period.

ProRail says the temporary interruption is a necessary step in ensuring the continued safety and quality of rail services between Groningen and Assen as the company strives to enhance the railway infrastructure for a more reliable and efficient travel experience. Passengers are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and plan their journeys accordingly to minimize any inconvenience caused by the temporary changes in transportation arrangements.

https://northerntimes.nl/groningen-assen-rail-service-to-be-replaced-by-buses-this-weekend/ Groningen-Assen rail service to be replaced by buses this weekend – The Northern Times

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