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Groningen gas extraction ‘absolute last resort’ after Russia ends deal with Dutch GasTerra

The termination of a contract involving 2 billion cubic meters of gas to GasTerra by the end of September caused a temporary surge in gas prices on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. His GasTerra, based in Groningen, is the largest gas trader in the Netherlands.

according to De Telegraaf, a deal between the two gas companies reportedly ended following a dispute over currency. Gazprom requested that the payment be fulfilled in rubles.

“This decision has no impact on the physical supply of gas to Dutch households. Gastera has purchased additional gas in preparation for this situation,” said Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten. said in an interview with the national broadcaster. NOSAccording to Jetten, an extended gas extraction at Groningen is not currently being considered and would only be an “absolute last resort” should the situation become too dire.

This point of view was echoed by Partij van de Arbeid (Labor Party) MP Joris Thijssen, who declared that Groningen’s mining gas was “absolutely out of the question”.

The Netherlands is not the first country to lose gas supplies from Gazprom, reports De TelegraafPoland, Finland and Bulgaria have also reportedly ended deals with Gazprom following a similar situation over EU sanctions on the Russian ruble.

The exact nature of the transaction and the rate of gas loss this year due to its termination remains unclear, and GasTerra has declined to comment on details not explicitly mentioned in its press release regarding the situation.

https://northerntimes.nl/groningen-gas-extraction-absolute-last-resort-after-russia-ends-deal-with-dutch-gasterra/ Groningen gas extraction ‘absolute last resort’ after Russia ends deal with Dutch GasTerra

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