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Groningen gas field should be closed this year – The Northern Times

The Groningen gas field should be completely closed by the end of this year at the earliest, Marjan van Loon, CEO of Shell Netherland, said. Said on Sunday’s TV show.

Massive gas extractions in the state have caused numerous earthquakes, leaving thousands of residents with damaged homes and health problems. The earthquake is widely believed to be the result of land subsidence after decades of drilling. But the future of the Groningen gas field has taken on new importance since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to soaring energy prices. Still, Van Loon believes the government needs to go ahead with the shutdown despite global energy uncertainty.

“The field must be closed. It can be done and must be done,” said the top official.

At the moment, the gas field still supplies a small amount of gas to keep the wells running, but Van Loon doesn’t think that’s necessary. It’s probably uncomfortable to do, but it has to be done,” she repeated.

Van Loon said Shell has promised to pay for damage caused to property in the state, but “we need to see how best we can do it.”

Shell Holland owns a 50% stake in NAM, the company responsible for extracting gas from Groningen since the early 1960s.

The government said a final cabinet decision on closing the field is expected in June, but “will depend on the international situation.”

Cabinet reduced the amount of gas pumped out of Groningen to minimize the risk of earthquakes. Locals, who have caused millions of euros in damage to their homes over the years, have been keen to stop gas extraction to ensure that the main cause of earthquakes is eliminated. So far they have received only modest compensation.

Last month, a parliamentary committee defendant Dutch state-owned companies and energy giants Shell and ExxonMobil have ignored the long-term risks and negative impacts of drilling on people’s livelihoods.

https://northerntimes.nl/shell-ceo-groningen-gas-field-should-be-closed-this-year/ Groningen gas field should be closed this year – The Northern Times

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