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Groningen makes international headlines for all the wrong reasons – The Northern Times

An increasingly vocal national awakening agenda rarely escapes the confines of universities and academia, but last week the University of Groningen cancel Produced by Samuel Beckett waiting for godot Because auditioning and casting only male actors for a play of five male characters was a clear violation of the school’s diversity policy.

The awakened crowds are eager to give each other a virtue signal in their contribution to social justice, usually by imposing a ban on something. What the game clearly lacks, however, is the notion of rational thinking and wise decision-making.

groningen internet coolant write Europe’s mainstream media were surprised by the university’s banning of one of the theater’s most famous productions.

waiting for godot It has long been the most popular Dutch play and one of the most frequently performed plays of all time, the paper said.

according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitingthe University of Groningen, seemingly desperate to turn the northern Dutch cultural capital into Europe’s “capital of inclusivity”, canceled the play because it had “too many male roles”. , Samuel Beckett’s Legacy Should Only Feature Male Actors.

“Irish writer Samuel Beckett is often regarded as the maestro of absurdist theater. waiting for godot A masterpiece of the genre,” said Ropinion of France. Note“But the reality is [in Groningen] More absurd than fiction. ”

According to The Irish Times, “The play’s producer, Medea Anton, 24, said the decision to cancel overlooked the important role of the non-actor crew in the production of the play. report.

“Although this production was limited to five performers, the rest of the production is mostly female. people,” she said.

“I tried to explain to them that this is legal and that we are a small amateur theater company and cannot be sued. I couldn’t change my mind.”

as a blogger remarksDiversity has nothing to do with art. It doesn’t matter if the production is all male, all female, all trans, all black or all white, as long as you can put on the best show possible.”

https://northerntimes.nl/groningen-makes-international-headlines-for-all-the-wrong-reasons/ Groningen makes international headlines for all the wrong reasons – The Northern Times

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