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Groningen people have the best sense of humor in Holland, study says – The Northern Times

Groninger attaches great importance to humor, says a new researcher. poll Reveal the jokey capital of the country.

The birthplace of Wim Schippers and Arjen Lubach took the top spot in a survey conducted by Utrecht University psychologist Madeleine Strick in collaboration with the TV show Het Klokhuis. He said 70% of all Groningen respondents said, “Humor is important in my life.”

The study also shows that men value humor more than women. This is very easy to explain. Other studies have come to the same conclusion,” Strick said. “Think of dating, for example. Women want men who can tell jokes, but men are not attracted to women who are funny. But they appreciate women who laugh at their jokes.” .”

Friesland, which produced Tike van der Meer and others, came in second.

In this study, which was commissioned to determine the role of humor in everyday life and whether it is essential to television programming, typical adults in two northern states gave an average importance of 4.7 on a 5-point scale. It turns out to give a score.

Study – Entitled “Don’t Make Me Laugh!” – Started at the beginning of October last year and will continue until June 2023. Utrecht University is still looking for Groningen residents aged 8 to 100 who would like to participate in an ongoing project.

If you are interested in participating in a research study, please click here Fill out the online screening form.

https://northerntimes.nl/groningers-have-the-best-sense-of-humor-in-the-netherlands-study-claims/ Groningen people have the best sense of humor in Holland, study says – The Northern Times

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