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Groningen’s new district will be developed as ‘green’ – The Northern Times

Groningen is embarking on a new housing adventure! development A green and healthy neighborhood around Eemskanal between Damsterdeep and Sontvek. The new car-free zone is called Stadshavens.

Today, around 3,300 residential units, 33,000 square meters of commercial space and a large park will be built in the area, which has a very industrial feel with old chimneys and exposed brick walls. The quays along Damsterdiep and his Eemskanaal will be renovated and greened. A new bridge for bicycles and pedestrians will be built over the canal.

“Stadshavens will be a district unlike any in Groningen before. Metropolitan, quaint, green and for everyone. Monumental buildings such as EMG [grain silo] And Cova’s Chimney will be next to modern architecture that embraces nature. The region is undergoing a massive transformation. The framework is defined in the Environmental Plan Draft. Residents can now have a say in this.

The city and developers host a series of meetings to promote the project and gather community input and concerns on draft environmental plans and environmental impact reports. The document is available at Damsterdiep 271 from February 16th to March 29th. Walk-in consultation hours are held every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Suggestions from these meetings help developers decide which elements to incorporate into their final neighborhood design plans. Anyone can join. See selected design elements and learn about the timeline for this project over the next few months.

Stadshavens’ plans are based on the city’s environmental vision and 2018 Eemskanaal zone development strategy. The area is envisioned to be a space for all, with owner-occupied housing, public housing, rental housing, and business facilities built sustainably without the use of natural gas. It has been.

The city and development company will spend the next year in the planning phase, financing construction and designing the neighborhood. For the latest information and maps, please visit the project website stadshavens.nl.

https://northerntimes.nl/new-groningen-neighborhood-to-be-developed-as-green/ Groningen’s new district will be developed as ‘green’ – The Northern Times

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