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Grote Markt car park with restricted access

Motorists will have limited access to the Grote Markt city center car park from Monday 23 January. Due to maintenance work that will last until March 8th, some garage entrances will be closed.

Therefore, from Monday 23rd January to 4th February the entrance and exit via the Kalvermarkt cannot be used. However, during this period it is possible to enter and exit the garage through the Prinsegracht entrance.

From February 6th to February 18th, entry and exit via the Kalvermarkt will be possible again, but exits will still be available, but entry via the Prinsegracht will no longer be possible.

From February 20th to March 4th, the situation is exactly the opposite. You can enter via Princegracht, but not exit.

From 7pm to 7am on March 6th and 7th, drivers will not be allowed into the garage at all. However, it is possible to go out.

Photo: Q Park

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/01/20/restricted-access-grote-markt-car-park Grote Markt car park with restricted access

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