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Haagse Mural Wins Dutch Street Art Award

Last Friday, street artwork in The Hague won an award. The ‘Wild Hearts’ giant mural in Moorwijk has won the title of ‘Most Intense Mural’ at the 4th Annual Dutch Street Art Awards.

In addition to creativity and originality, quality and technique, the judges of the Holland Street Art Award, which brought together nominees from all over the country, chose the Hague mural for a combination of factors such as: Adjust according to the environment and the size of the mural.

Over 50 meters high, the mural was created by Studio Giftig, a street art duo from Feldhoven, Kaspar van Riek and Niels van Sweimen. The two worked on this mammoth piece for months until it was officially unveiled on June 9, 2022. “It’s great to have this kind of recognition from the street art scene itself,” says Kasper.

The painting is part of the “Music and Mural” project, in which an artist duo created murals in various cities based on the songs of musicians in the city. The Hague mural was about the song Wild Hearts by the Hague band Di-rect.

The mural is located in Troelstrakade, just behind the NS train station Murwijk, where the band is from.

Photo: Anne Reitsma Photography

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/05/23/haagse-mural-wins-dutch-street-art-awards Haagse Mural Wins Dutch Street Art Award

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