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Handcuffed suspect who escaped police in his socks turns himself in

A domestic disturbance suspect who slipped away from police even after he was handcuffed has turned himself in at a police station. He managed to escape from officers on Thursday in Helmond, fleeing them on foot despite the fact he was not wearing shoes.

“The suspect has just reported to the police station in Helmond,” authorities said late Friday morning. “He has been detained for further questioning, and will have to answer to the judge at a later time.”

He was taken into custody when police responded to the domestic incident. He later encountered several witnesses while walking around in his socks, asking them for help in removing the handcuffs. He told them the handcuffs were the result of a crazy night with his girlfriend.

One of those he encountered was a city parks worker in possession of an angle grinder. The suspect reportedly asked the worker to use the power tool to remove the handcuffs, but the worker refused fearing he would injure the man. Additionally, there was nowhere near where the tool could be plugged into an electrical socket.

The age of the suspect was not released, but a bulletin identified him as being roughly 50 years of age “with a distressed appearance.” The police were looking for him in the vicinity of Lonckeplantsoen and Evertsenstraat in the Noord-Brabant city.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/18/handcuffed-suspect-escaped-police-socks-turns Handcuffed suspect who escaped police in his socks turns himself in

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