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Have Streamers Introduced a Whole New Generation of Gamers to iGaming?

Thanks to the development of technology and the availability of cheaper computer equipment, there are several ways to enjoy iGaming. From playing Australia online pokies on a mobile device to playing live games of American Roulette on desktop computer, there are many forms of iGaming available to the modern gamer. One aspect of iGaming that has taken off in recent years is live streaming but have streamers been responsible for introducing a whole new generation of gamers to iGaming?

What is Streaming?

Streaming involves the delivery of online media content, whether it be live or recorded. The content can be audio or visual and anyone who has access to recording equipment can stream online using video/audio sharing websites or their own content channels. What does streaming have to do with people entering the iGaming industry? A growing number of creators record themselves playing games and stream it on the internet. These could be video games, card games, board games, or casino games. Video games is one of the most popular forms of streaming because people like to watch the best players in action and learn. Some streamers will offer tips to show players how they can improve their own gaming experience and have millions of followers, making it big business. Some streamers are earning significant sums of money from their content.

Online Casino Streamers

If you enter a big casino, chances are there will be a group of people gathered around a table watching other people playing a game. It could be a game of roulette, blackjack, or poker but if there is big money involved, people are likely to be watching. So, in that respect, it should not come as a surprise to learn there are plenty of people who enjoy watching streams of casinos games being played online.

Some iGaming streamers have been in business since 2015 but they have only recently grown in popularity. CasinoDaddy, ROSHTEIN, DeuceAce, Tyceno, and Trainwreckstv are all examples of iGaming streamers. However, not all iGaming streamers started with casino games and many were previously streaming video games. Tyceno is a good example and he previously played video games but has introduced casino games to his channel. Trainwreckstv is another online streamer who produces video gaming content but has added casino gaming to his streaming schedule. These are both good examples of how streamers themselves have moved from video games to casino games, bringing a new generation of gamers with them to iGaming.

Showing New iGamers the Way

People like to learn and streamers are an effective way for those who have an interest in iGaming to become better players. Streamers not only share the best ways to play a casino game but also review the best and most rewarding games. Some iGaming streams are interactive and allow viewers to vote on the action in the game, giving viewers a feeling of being involved in the outcome. If successful, that can lead to viewers attempting to play the game themselves and trying iGaming for the first time.

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