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Heineken continued making beer cans without a deposit logo past the deadline

Heineken continued to produce beer cans without the deposit logo after the deadline set on April 1. Ad reported The announcement was made Saturday based on classified documents and interviews with undisclosed sources. The company attributes this to a “misunderstanding”.

From April 1st, A deposit of 15 euro cents is required Applies to canned beer, soft drinks and other beverages in the Netherlands. These cans carry a special deposit logo and can be handed over at major supermarkets and gas stations, allowing consumers to get their deposit back. The new sediment system aims to reduce litter on streets and in natural areas.

After April 1st, cans without the deposit logo may still be sold at retail stores until stocks are depleted. However, new cans manufactured after that date must bear the deposit logo.

A newspaper ad revealed that Heineken was indeed aware of these new regulations. The Environmental Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has confirmed that it has notified Heineken multiple times that it must stop producing cans without a deposit logo after April 1.

But on March 27, just four days before the transition to the new depository system, ILT inspectors visited two sites where Heineken stores materials. They learned that the company plans to continue filling cans without the deposit logo after the deadline.

In response, the inspectorate fined the company 15 cents for each “old” beer can filled and put on the market. Heineken had until April 10th to change production. The brewery adjusted its production process in time to avoid paying fines.

Heineken, Activities in Russia are already subject to surveillancesaid, “There was a misunderstanding.” The company claimed there was an agreed transition period in place to ensure a smooth transition. But the ILT countered this, saying Heineken had plenty of time to adjust, especially considering the introduction of the new system has already been delayed by three months.

Recycling Network Benelux, an advocacy group that has been campaigning for a new deposit system for six years, has sued Heineken for violating the new regulations. The group accused the company of strategically violating the law by putting its own corporate interests ahead of social obligations.

The complaint is currently being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/20/heineken-kept-making-beer-cans-without-deposit-logo-past-deadline Heineken continued making beer cans without a deposit logo past the deadline

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