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Herring season start date is undecided on June 14

It is unclear whether the herring season will begin on June 14 as usual. The current catch of herring is not fatty enough to be processed into Dutch newwe, the Dutch Fish Marketing Board said Thursday. The industry has to make a decision next week.

So-called Hollandse Nieuwe must have a fat content of at least 16 percent. According to the Dutch Fish Marketing Commission, herring currently caught from the sea contains the right amount of food in its stomach to accumulate enough fat, but not yet in the proportion it needs. . “Natural seasonal delays also appear to be affecting herring,” the commission said.

Traditional cooking methods for Oranze nuve (including baking, aging and controlled aging) are time consuming. So the herring trade will have to decide early next week if it will be ready for the start of the herring season.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/03/start-herring-season-june-14-uncertain Herring season start date is undecided on June 14

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