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Hiring International People to Support Foreign Clients – ACS Buildings CEO – The Northern Times

ACS Buildings CEO Guido Bartelink said the company is looking to hire people from a variety of international backgrounds and perspectives to assist the company in dealing with international clients.

Dutch climate control company ACS Building We aim to help our clients save at least 20% on their energy bills by optimizing their buildings. At its core, ACS is an ICT company that manufactures software. However, the software is very specific and about equipment and building management.

in an interview with make in the northGuido Bartelink, CEO of ACS Buildings, spoke about how his company has achieved this.

“Take a building, for example, a lot of energy is put into that building. But a lot of it is wasted. , understanding buildings and ICT, and also other things like artificial intelligence (AI), all of which we combine to create software to make buildings better.” says Guido Bartelink.

Buildings are typically operated by a variety of separate systems that control heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and more, Bertelink said. The combination and proper operation of the system will change the energy environment of the building.

According to Bartelink, ACS’ system can be applied to a wide variety of buildings. Regardless of how sophisticated a building’s current systems are, ACS starts by taking what already exists, building on top of it, and optimizing it. The lower the standard of the building’s current system, the higher the energy efficiency. In some cases, it can even reach 70%.

“Even if you have a very efficient installation already, you can still get a lot of profit, plus maybe 20-30% more profit, so it’s very attractive. Probably most connections and It’s a lot easier for us because most of the data structures are already there,” says Bartelink.

Vertelink likens the current situation to the rise of electric vehicles. For now, Bartelink sees his runners up front understanding that much can be gained by changing something while others are not yet ready for this change. To facilitate this change, ACS has removed complexity from the system and made it very easy to use.

ACS also works with foreign clients and has noticed that a project in Germany, for example, looks different than a project organized in the Netherlands. For this reason, ACS seeks to hire people with a variety of perspectives who can address these changes.

ACS building operations

“Buildings use 40% of all the energy we use worldwide. It’s wasted, and if we can reduce that waste, that’s a big step. We can reduce global energy usage by 20%. says Mr.

“That’s why people want to work here because they know they’re working on something that has real impact,” adds Bartelink.

The team currently consists of 25 people based in Groningen and the small town of Leans. Next year, ACS will also participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA.

It is important for Bartelink that our employees are down-to-earth and open. Teams have a rule that they always have lunch together to maintain a level of personal interaction. As for the administrative side of hiring foreigners, Bertelink said so far they’ve been open to seeing what needs to be done and doing their best to handle the paperwork. says.

“If anyone is really interested in working with us, give them a call. Grab a cup of coffee and see what we can do. Sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t fit, tell them so.While these barriers may seem high, they are actually not that high.This is because so many aspects of business depend on people, how they interact with people, Because it has to do with how we interact with technology, which is no different than most companies.If you are interested in this topic, of course that is a big plus,” concludes Bartelink.

Video by Julia Dumchenko and Daindra Utami.

This article is make in the north‘s Corporate Spotlight series focuses on companies in the North that employ foreigners.

https://northerntimes.nl/watch-were-hiring-internationals-to-help-us-with-foreign-clients-acs-buildings-ceo/ Hiring International People to Support Foreign Clients – ACS Buildings CEO – The Northern Times

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