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Holland sent nearly $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine – The Northern Times

The Netherlands has sent 987 million euros in military aid to Ukraine, including high-tech systems that can be used to counter air attacks, writes Defense Minister Kaisa Orongrén. letter to the second room.

The aid includes an anti-aircraft missile system that was deployed in April, followed soon after by an armored howitzer, the official said.

Ollongren said the country has made a total of 697 million euros in equipment, 120 million euros in military aid, 45 million euros in commercial purchases and 100 million euros in donations to the International Fund of Ukraine. .

The country’s top defense official also pledged funding for a field hospital that the Netherlands, along with Estonia and Norway, will donate to Ukraine. included.

The Netherlands also made available about €20 million in emergency humanitarian aid and provided Moldova with another €10 million. This is intended to help countries cope with the flow of refugees fleeing war.

“This fight is not just for Ukraine. The Netherlands will continue to support Ukraine to stop Russian aggression and restore peace,” O’Rongrön said in the letter.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently indicated that Russia appears to be delaying military operations to regroup and launch new offensives when the weather warms.

Air attacks by both sides are on the rise, making air threat detection critical for the Ukrainian military. Russia bought a large number of attack drones from Iran this summer, wreaking havoc on Ukraine’s cities and infrastructure.

https://northerntimes.nl/netherlands-sent-nearly-a-billion-in-military-aid-to-ukraine/ Holland sent nearly $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine – The Northern Times

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