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Hottest day of the year: maximum temperature of 34.3 degrees in the Netherlands

Today, July 8, is officially the warmest day since measurements began in 1901, according to Weeronline. At 3:10 pm, the temperature in De Bilt rose to 31.9 degrees. The old record was 31.6 degrees measured in 1959.

It is also the hottest day of the year so far. Saturday 11th June was the hottest day, with 32.2 degrees at Hoek van Holland.

In general, the rest of the country is also very warm, with afternoon temperatures well above 30 degrees. At 2:30 pm, for example, the temperature in Eindhoven reached 34.3 degrees Celsius, reports Weeronline. He had never been this warm at the KNMI measuring station on July 8th. The previous record for this day was set by him in 1959 at Gilze his Reigen.

Most of the country had tropical warmth of 29 to 34 degrees. Only the Wadden Islands had temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. The meteorological office said the heat was caused by southeasterly winds, which bring very warm, dry air from the continent into the Netherlands.

In addition, the National Meteorological Institute KNMI has issued code yellow for the southern states of Zeeland, North Brabant and Limburg. A thunderstorm with severe gusts of wind up to 70 kilometers per hour is possible in these states Saturday afternoon. The showers will subside again Saturday evening.

The Walon Rhine is expecting rain and thunderstorms on Sunday, especially in the south of the country. KNMI issued Code Yellow between 1pm and 9pm. Thunderstorms, rain and hail can come in from the southwest and move north across the country, causing localized flooding. In addition, thunderstorms can be followed by gusts of wind of 75 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Monday after the weekend will still be warm with 22 to 28 degrees. However, it will turn tropical again in the southeast on Tuesday, with temperatures likely above 30 degrees. As a result, there is even a danger of regional heatwaves in the south and southeast. Weeronline reports that the weather will be changeable from 20 to 24 degrees from Wednesday.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/08/hottest-day-year-temperatures-343-degrees-netherlands Hottest day of the year: maximum temperature of 34.3 degrees in the Netherlands

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