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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Georgia? An Important Info

If surrogacy is the only potential path to parenthood for you, you should be ready to pay enough means for it. Of course, the final price depends on location, chosen clinic, surrogate mother, and services included. Many intended parents are searching for cheaper options, and Georgia is one of them because the price of surrogacy here is significantly lower than the surrogacy cost in the USA.

On average, intended parents have to pay between 100,000$-200,000$, and the sum seems to be large enough. However, we know that this price is almost nothing for those who are eager to become parents. But finding a necessary sum isn’t enough to start the process — you need to select a reliable surrogacy agency. If you finally decided to have surrogacy in Georgia, you’d better appoint a consultation in the World Center of Baby. This agency offers people to find surrogates in countries where it’s allowed.

Married couples who struggle to have children but can’t succeed may use a Georgia surrogacy program. By the way, the agency is eager to help gay and lesbian couples feel full family, so no matter what category of people you belong to — World Center of Baby will do everything you want. Georgia adopted a law allowing surrogacy, egg and sperm donation more than 20 years ago, and millions of people have already used surrogacy in Georgia. Why are you still waiting for something?

A Few Words About Surrogacy in Georgia

Well, the process of gestational surrogacy is almost identical in all countries. However, when you cooperate with the World Center of Baby, you may not even need to go to Georgia — the agency has all the contacts of reliable surrogates and may ensure the stay of the carrier in your country. First, you appoint a consultation and discuss everything you plan with the parent partner. If you think that these people aren’t qualified to discuss such things, you’re wrong — agency experts never ignore any forum, conference, and other chance to obtain knowledge.

After it, the surrogacy agency in Georgia shows you the available gestational carriers, and you make a choice. All women are perfect because they have their own children, have good health, and treat their mission responsibly. You’ll certainly be familiarized with the woman who’ll bear your child. You, the agency, and the carrier will sign a contract according to the surrogacy laws in Georgia to make the process legal.

If you still worry about the high cost of surrogacy in Georgia, you should know that the World Center of Baby offers you the best option — to pay in installments. If the final sum turns out to be too high, you and the manager will organize a profitable partnership. There are no obstacles for those who really want to become parents, and WCOB proves it. More than 100 people have already achieved parenthood with the agency’s help, and you also can do it.

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