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How to Become an Online Mentor and Train Other People

Okay, you have some knowledge that you want to share with other people. But how to become an online mentor? What do you have to do? If you don’t know what to start with, continue to read this article. We’ll tell you about the first steps in online mentoring. So let’s dive in!

Ensure That You Have Proper Qualification

The main step you should do is ensure that you have a proper qualification. Let’s explore what it means.

Be a Pro in Your Niche

You have to be a pro in your subject. If you want to teach your mentee math for example, the appropriate education is your must-have. It’s good if you have some achievements in your area. For instance, you were at the International Congress of Mathematicians — such an achievement develops tremendous respect in your potential mentees.

Know Management

As a rule, mentors have an MBA degree as they have to know how to communicate with people and build relationships with them. Likewise, the MBA program helps you develop your leadership skills, thanks to which you’ll motivate and encourage your mentee fruitfully.

Set Your Goals

Then, you should realize where you want to come by teaching people. To do it, ask yourself a question: why do I do it? You may have one goal or multiple ones. So you can write them down in your datebook or type in Word or Google Docs. It’s important to see your goal before your eyes every day as your brain will constantly think about it and find ways to embody it.

The second question that is important to ask yourself is ‘What are my goals for the future year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?’ This is because you should decide whether you will be a mentor for a long time or it will be something for one time.


Also, it’s better to decide what number of people you want to mentor. For example, if you want to do classes in a group, you should learn about how to build relationships with a team.

Purchase an Appropriate Device

Online mentoring requires online classes. If Zoom, Skype, or another platform doesn’t require a powerful processor, when it comes to more heavy programs, you should consider a new laptop or computer. For example, if your task is to show your mentee how to work in AutoCAD or Adobe Pro, including using Zoom or Skype, your device can be overloaded if the processor is weak.

So, check if your device matches your goals.

Invest in Advertisement

Even if you’re the best mentor in the world, when nobody doesn’t know about you, your success is out on a limb. So the great solution for this situation is investing in advertising on social media and developing your own website to promote it on the Internet.

This is because when students want to find a mentor, they start searching on the Internet. It’s similar to looking for a high-quality writing service. Students read reviews on the Internet and find articles to clarify the question is papersowl legit or something like that; therefore, your task is to create a good advertisement.

To do it correctly, you should:

  • know marketing processes;
  • can create attractive images;
  • can write attractive texts.

If you have your own website, you should think about SEO. To promote your website in search engines, it’s a good idea to hire a specialist.

Join a Co-Working Space or Professional Group

The best way to find your mentee is to join a co-working space or professional group. It’s like Tinder, where people can meet their love. On co-working and professional platforms, you can meet your mentee. Some platforms can help you become a mentor in a large company, but you can be in private practice too.

Ask Your Friends

Ask your friends if they need a mentor. If yes, it’s a good opportunity for you to practice. You can find your mistakes and analyze them without ruining your reputation as a mentor. This is because your buddies know that you just learn how to do your deal correctly; therefore, they’ll be understanding.

Collect Feedback and Track Progress

After classes, ask your mentee about how it was. It’s better to have several mentees because of interacting with different people who have their own interests, opinions, and character.

Don’t forget to monitor your progress. Analyze your mistakes and think about what you could do better. After analyzing, try to apply your knowledge in practice. So the more you mentor, the more professional you become. So practice with your buddies to evaluate your skills.

Final Thoughts

So, you know what to do if you’re fond of the mentor career. Try to find opportunities on specialized platforms, launch an advertising company on social media, and you’ll find your mentee. Don’t forget about constantly developing yourself; it helps you become better in your career and earn more money.


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