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Hundreds pay final tribute to WWII resistance hero Rudy Hems

Rudy Hems, a former Dutch resistance fighter during World War II, was cremated with military honors on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people attended, including officials. Hems died last Sunday at the age of 99.

According to Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague, Hems contributed “after the war to restoring peace and justice to Europe torn by World War II”.

Hems was an honorary citizen of The Hague and was rarely absent from veterans’ meetings. “With gratitude, we will continue to remember his message of peace. This is really important,” Van Zanen said in a memorial speech at the ceremony.

During World War II, Hems was a member of the Princess Eileen Brigade, a military unit derived from the Dutch army that managed to escape to England in May 1940. Military service in a brigade or voluntarily served.

King Willem-Alexander had already commented the day after Hemmes’ death.”With deep respect and warm affection, I remember Rudy Hemme, Engelandbader, freedom fighter, defender of justice and humanity. “He has proven that uncompromising, gentle and persuasive can go very well together. With his unique personality, he has been able to inspire young and old alike,” the royal family said in a statement. ing.

As a teenager, Hems engaged in various acts of sabotage, including pouring sugar into the fuel tanks of German vehicles used by occupation forces. He escaped to England in his 1943 boat journey of several months and returned to Europe in 1944 with the Princess and his Eileen Brigade. He was part of the last group of reinforcements sent to the French coast, after which he and his colleagues headed north, eventually reaching Holland, where they helped liberate North Brabant.

Hems continued to work for the Ministry of Defense after the war and was one of the last surviving Engerland Falders.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/11/19/hundreds-people-pay-last-respects-ww-ii-resistance-hero-rudi-hemmes Hundreds pay final tribute to WWII resistance hero Rudy Hems

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