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Hundreds stranded on NS Intercity train for hours

About 1,000 people were trapped for hours on a broken train to Utrecht on Thursday night. The train left The Hague at 5:55pm and broke down near Moordrecht.Passengers were only evacuated and en route to the next station around midnight, an NS spokesperson informed. NU.nl.

Travelers reported on social media that the wrecked train had no lights, toilets didn’t work, doors wouldn’t open, and there was nothing to eat or drink.

NS first tried to tow the wrecked train, but that proved impossible due to the flaws in the stranded train. The cause is still unclear. Around 10:00 pm, the railroad company stopped another train next to the broken down train and began evacuating passengers.

After all passengers had boarded the new train, they still had to wait for permission to run. An NS spokesperson said, “We did our best to get everyone home, but there were many setbacks. Those who were unable to get home were urged to contact NS customer service.

A spokeswoman said the train had about 1,000 passengers, two conductors and a driver. A spokeswoman said trains between The Hague and Utrecht are always full.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/01/13/hundreds-stranded-ns-intercity-train-hours Hundreds stranded on NS Intercity train for hours

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