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Illegal lodging and bars uncovered in Groningen garage spot checks

Part of illegal tobacco. Photo: Gemeente Groningen

About 200 garages in the province of Groningen have been spotted over the past week, officials said, revealing two illegal bars, two illegal lodging facilities, two stolen cars and an illegal 40,000 cigarettes were found.

The checks were carried out as part of a regional effort to combat organized crime. “This kind of check will give us a better idea of ​​how far this type of criminal activity has come and we will be able to crack down on the crimes we discover,” Statskanar Mayor Klaas Sloots said in a statement.

The garage was selected based on police and local authority information regarding the building being used in violation of local zoning laws.

The two garages searched were used to house migrant workers, and the other two in Westerwolde appear to have been used as illegal bars. Others were used as illegal vaults.

Owners and tenants were warned about the check in advance and asked to allow police access to the garage. “We didn’t hear back, so the police forced us in,” Sloots said.

Police, city officials and customs officials tracked down the illegal finds and further checks are expected at a later date.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/spot-checks-on-groningen-garages-uncover-illegal-lodgings-and-bars/ Illegal lodging and bars uncovered in Groningen garage spot checks

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