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International students now receive their BSN immediately

Since January 31st, the city of The Hague offers a fast-track service that allows international students to receive their BSN number immediately. They can fill out an online application and come to City Hall on any weekday to complete registration and receive their BSN number.

All international students staying in The Hague for more than 4 months must register with the municipality. They are then registered with the Basisregistrie Personen (BRP) like all other residents of the city. Thanks to a new procedure, students will receive their Citizen Service Number immediately after registration. This her BSN is important for students who need to get health insurance, open a bank account, apply for a Dutch cell phone number or rent allowance, or find a part-time job.

“With the introduction of the new booking system, we have taken the next step to further improve our services,” said Kavita Parvdayal, Municipal Councilor for Labor, Neighborhoods and Services.

On Tuesday she accompanied Filipe from Luxembourg. Filipe was the first international student to get his BSN right away. “The application process for international students has become clearer and more accessible.

Previously, new students had to report to local authorities on a fixed date, and their registration was not processed until a later date. After that, it may take up to 6 weeks for the student to be enrolled. The new way of working is significantly faster and easier for customers to use. “

Photo: Luxembourg student Filipewih wirh Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal @ Henriëtte Guest

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