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Is Gambling Taxed in Canada

We are all looking for ways to earn money. One such method is by gambling online. After all, the customary laws won’t apply there. But, there are many unforeseen possibilities in this realm. One such question that might bug you is if you have to pay the tax.

There’s no doubt that you can earn real money in the iGaming industry. Small wins won’t seem to bug you too much on an online casino. However, you start worrying once you begin to score big. For instance, on the popular 3 dollar deposit casinos, you might win a jackpot or a similar tournament. As a result, you suddenly have a massive income. You started with a small sum, like three dollars, but what do you do now? Let’s elaborate on this topic a little more:

Must You Pay Tax On Gambling Winnings?

Gambling winnings in Canada are not treated as a regular source of income. Not unless you’re a professional gambler. If you’re a recognized gambler or player, you might get taxes in the form of operating a business. That is a rare case and only happens if you have a steady or regular income from gambling.

Otherwise, gambling gains on any spectrum, whether sports betting, or casino Canada online, are treated similar to lotteries. These are not taxed. As a result, there is no obligation to pay the gambling winnings tax.

Are Casino Winnings Taxed In Canada?

The only way to get taxed on casino winnings is by turning it into an asset. For example, if you purchase a new house and/or sell the old one. This will lead to Capital Taxes. Similarly, if you decide to invest the amount and earn an interest rate on your winnings, you will get taxed. However, those exist only on those specific amounts.

There isn’t a fixed Canada tax rate on any casino winnings. Whether you win online, a jackpot, or a tournament. These are the same as winning the lotteries.

Are Gambling Losses Tax Deductible In Canada?

Yes, but it is a double-edged sword. If you want to get gambling losses deducted from taxes in Canada, you also have to report your winnings. All of your gambling winnings will be treated as income in this scenario. Thus, you will be prone to paying the income tax.

Correlatively, you can’t file gambling losses higher in value than winning. In other words, if you’ve won around $10,000, you can only file a loss of $10,000 at best, even if you lost $15,000.

So the short answer is yes. The detailed explanation will tell you that it is not a wise choice unless your losses are less than wins.

Do You Pay Tax On Online Gambling?

No. There’s no need to pay tax on online gambling unless you are known for winning continually. Canadian laws exempt all the participants, even the massive winners, from paying the tax. So, there’s no reason for you to pay any kind of fees for online gambling. This goes for online casino Canada, sports betting, and much more.

What Happens If You Don’t Claim Your Casino Winnings On Your Taxes?

The Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t necessarily audit individuals that earn through gambling. Not unless you hit a massive benchmark and come under the spotlight. Even then, if you have won by chance, it is treated as a lottery.

Meanwhile, if you keep winning continually, you might have to pay the taxes as a regular source of income. While the Canada Revenue Agency will take its time to send you a notice, legal actions can be taken.

This only happens if you have a regular income from gambling. In which case, you can also report the losses, among other costs related to your gambling habit. This can help you reduce the overall amount.


This guide covers all the essential questions related to the Canadian Tax laws and regulations related to gambling. Almost any winning in the form of a lottery isn’t taxable. However, you might have to reveal your identity and personal information as you claim the jackpot.

Hopefully, this clears any doubt regarding online gambling and taxes in Canada. So, go ahead and gamble to your heart’s content and earn as much as you’d like.


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