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Israeli flags stolen from about 20 Urk homes and set on fire

Nearly two dozen Israeli flags were collected and set on fire in Urk overnight, the police confirmed to NL Times. The municipality of Urk said that the flags were taken from homes and set alight next to De Poort church, a Reformed Protestant Church.

“Many people in our municipality feel connected with the people in Israel, so they are hanging flags on their houses,” a spokesperson for Urk told NL Times on Wednesday. “Last night, about 20 Israeli flags were taken down, collected, and burned next to a church.”

“We have indeed received reports about Israeli flags set on fire in Urk,” a spokesperson for the police said. Police officers were working in the neighborhoods where the incidents happened to collect more information and to give victims an opportunity to press charges.

Police were also notified about a video going viral online showing someone stomping on an Israeli flag while removing it from the front of someone’s home. Anyone with video, images, or information related to the investigation should contact police, a spokesperson told NL Times. No arrests have been made, and police did not release a description of anyone suspected of involvement.

The spokesperson for Urk said that they had not yet decided whether to press charges as a municipality, or to leave it to the individual households. She said the Israeli flag was also hoisted at the Urk City Hall building, where it will remain for the week. That flag was not taken down and burned at the De Poort church with the others. The debris was cleaned up by the municipality.

The spokesperson said she does not know if that church was chosen for a reason or if it was random. The Bethelkerk, a church connected to De Poort church, was scheduled to host an event Wednesday evening called “Urk Sings for Israel.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/10/11/israeli-flags-stolen-20-urk-homes-set-fire Israeli flags stolen from about 20 Urk homes and set on fire

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