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ITV apologizes for The Voice abuse after report criticizes failure

Merchandising for The Voice. Photo: Donald Trung Quoc Don via Wikimedia Commons

Television production company ITV has apologized for failing to address sexual harassment over its talent show. The Voice following its publication scandal report.

the scandal is youtube show ugly last January, dozens of young women Linked to the show.

Earlier this month, the prosecutor’s office said: Ali B and Rietbergen .

A report commissioned by ITV from law firm Van Doorne concluded that the program did not provide sufficient guarantees to combat harassment, and action was not taken promptly after reports were made.

In addition, there is also a power imbalance that facilitates abuse, the report said. Candidates were put in a very vulnerable position.

“Several people appeared to have been told about their actions informally, but no formal action was taken,” the report said.

In total, investigators interviewed 62 people over nine months. The report covers the period from April 2015 for her to January 2022 for him, when the scandal occurred.

“I apologize to everyone who was subjected to unacceptable behavior during production. dutch voice,’ Lisa Perrin said, in charge of ITV’s overseas business. “Our priority is to provide a safe and supportive place for everyone who attends or works on our shows.There is no place for abusive behavior at ITV Studios.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/itv-apologises-for-the-voice-abuse-after-report-criticises-failings/ ITV apologizes for The Voice abuse after report criticizes failure

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