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Jeminte wants to stop fast food business from growing in shopping area

Between 2019 and 2022, the number of fast food restaurants in The Hague will increase by 25%. A significant increase compared to the total growth rate (4%) in the number of catering establishments. As Gemente strives for a diverse range, it wants to prevent the growth of more fast food outlets in The Hague shopping area.

Fast food is still allowed in The Hague where catering is allowed in the zoning plan. A first step to prevent further growth is to include a separate fast food catering category in the zoning plan . The proposal is now being submitted to the City Council. Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen have done this before. The next step is to exclude the expansion of new and existing fast food outlets from zoning plans for shopping areas through this category. These are fast food outlets, snack bars, cafeterias, shaulma/grill shops, vending machines, and pizza takeout shops.

Alderman Saskia Bruins: “Attractive shopping areas with a wide variety of shops and restaurants are important to our city. I want to prevent the same kind of fast food from being served.Jemintae also has a role to play in ensuring a healthy food environment.”

It is interesting for property owners to opt for fast food outlets, which often have higher turnover and certainty than restaurants and lunchrooms, especially in more expensive locations. Gemente believes it is important to keep his area attractive for shopping with a diverse range and is discussing suitable catering concepts with various market players (catering entrepreneurs and realtors). increase.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/04/07/the-gemeente-wants-to-prevent-the-growth-of-fast-food-businesses-in-shopping-areas Jeminte wants to stop fast food business from growing in shopping area

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