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John S faces 30 years in prison for fatal care farm shooting and cobbler murder

The prosecution recommended to the Rotterdam District Court to convict John S. Two murdered in a mental hospital The incident on the Albrusserdam farm, the assault of two others on the farm, and the murder of a shoemaker in Vlissingen. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) said at a hearing on Tuesday that a sentence of 30 years in prison along with an additional period of detention in a mental hospital would be appropriate.

Mr. S is accused of 60 year old shoemaker murdered May 4, at the victim’s company on Sint-Jakob Street. The two met through a dating app for gay men and made an appointment to meet in person. “Once there, the suspect shot and killed this shopkeeper. He later said he did so because he wanted to test the weapons he had purchased,” OM said.

Two days later, Mr. S headed to Care Farm in Albrusseldam. where he used to live From 2015 to 2017.When he got there, the prosecutor said he shot dead A 34-year-old farm worker and a 16-year-old girl there. Two others were seriously injured A 12-year-old boy and a 20-year-old woman have been identified in the violent incident.

Prosecutors alleged that Mr S went to the farm because he was stalking an 18-year-old customer. He met the woman when she was underage and tried to force her into a relationship even though she reprimanded him. His pursuit of her is the reason he is no longer allowed on or off her farm. Prior to the assault at the Albrusserdam facility, Mr S allegedly sent the woman a photo of the murdered shopkeeper, a photo of the murder weapon, and other images he interpreted as a threat.

After the killing, S. reportedly called police to turn himself in and confessed to the violent crime.

“It expresses how bad it is to shoot three people at random, how bad it is to buy a gun, blackmail an innocent woman, and then shoot an innocent man in broad daylight to test the weapon. How do you find the right words to say?” the prosecutor said. “I have been to the crime scene several times, and the beauty of the place contrasts terribly with the hell the suspect has created,” the prosecutor said.

OM said the suspect suffered from a mental disorder that required institutional care and that Mr S would still be held accountable for the viciousness of the crime. A crime reporter said Mr S was not deterred by the prosecutor’s recommendations.

The victim’s relatives got a chance to speak in court on Monday. The parents of 16-year-old Anne-Sophie, who was shot dead, showed photos in court and made headlines about her daughter. She had a mild intellectual disability. “I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to spend with her loved ones. I never thought I would spend so little time with Anne-Sophie,” her mother said, ANP reported. “She was always happy. She chatted and sang all day long. She followed her heart and wanted to take care of horses when she grew up. I have accomplished a lot with my power.

A 13-year-old boy who survived also testified in court. “I pretended to be dead so I wouldn’t get shot again,” he said. Since then he hasn’t had the courage to return to Care Farm. “I’m always scared, so I prefer wearing a bulletproof vest. You’ve ruined my life, and I hope one day I don’t have to be so scared anymore.”

His mother moved him to another nursing home. She told the court he chose it because he had plenty of places to hide if something happened. “A 13-year-old shouldn’t have to think about that,” she said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/13/john-s-facing-30-years-prison-fatal-care-farm-mass-shooting-shoemaker-murder John S faces 30 years in prison for fatal care farm shooting and cobbler murder

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