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Join a business delegation while visiting the states! | | News article

circular construction

make something new

Promoting the future,

Regenerative space development by connecting ideas,

projects and investors.


CEYES uses used tires

The most sustainable circular product for a green urban environment.

city ​​forster

an international and interdisciplinary partnership of architects,
Engineers, and urban planners currently working on major cities
Redevelopment of Bratislava (Trnavske Myto).
We are also very active in trying to find a solution
For netplus construction and urban development.

fiber core europe

Manufacture of bio-based bridges and locks
Very strong FRP bridge deck.

innovation media

Communication media services showcasing innovative products
Best practices for international companies
Through events, networking opportunities and diverse media
Possibility of personal approach.


We offer highly sustainable, award-winning roofing materials that use plastic waste as a raw material.
This includes replacing circular leads.
A unique circular flat roofing membrane called Leadax Roov.

SF Project BV

Supply of lightweight prefabricated building systems
Perfect for home construction and apartment use.

tree builder

TreeBuilders specializes in the best growing solutions possible.
Trees in an urban environment through collaboration
Work closely with local governments, contractors and landscapes
architects around the world.


Full-service commercial real estate firm
Custom build, high tech development and management
major international and
Domestic company.

circular technology

circular rise

Leading Software Platforms Offered
End-to-end traceability and secure data exchange for industry
supply chain.

close the loop

They offer technology buyers and sellers a service called Circular Services.
Waste compensation that creates commercial value
By making electronics such as phones and laptops “waste neutral”.

surplus material exchange

Using our digital matching platform,
New high-value recycling options for materials
or (waste) company’s products.


Design and sales of long-lasting telephones
Manufactured from fair and recycled materials.


In2Group sees a big future in connectivity.
smart city, smart health,
NB-IoT, LTE-M and products using them.

Waste management and recycling

blue cycle

Circularization of plastic by pyrolysis
of low-level plastics that are difficult to recycle.


an international consortium of companies,
develop viable business solutions for
Global environmental issues such as plastic waste,
Air pollution, water pollution, and climate change.

Gidara Energy

Focuses on transforming non-recyclable waste
Converts into advanced biofuels using patented technology.


It plays a leading role in the European plastic recycling industry.

Peute Papier recycling BV

Companies operating internationally
About paper and plastic recycling.

Statigert Nederland


The world’s leading provider of reverse vending solutions.

van scheindel

Design and manufacture of waste collection system
For paper, household and industrial waste.


Manufacturers and suppliers of (semi) underground waste collection systems, smart electronic solutions and services

bio oil

We manufacture waste-based biodiesel from used cooking oil.

RVM system

With our reverse bending solution,
Separate used beverage containers
Recycled, helps limit and protect waste
Environment for the next generation

good roll

Producing 100% tree-friendly toilet paper
Provide safe and clean restrooms for everyone.

soil improvement


International company with over 1200 professionals
Providing soil remediation and impactful environmental solutions.

Theo Pau

Theo Pouw Group recycles various contaminated soils
Flows into high-quality secondary building materials
We use sustainable production processes.



A focused leader in health technology.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/02/20/business-delegation-state-visit Join a business delegation while visiting the states! | | News article

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