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Kamp Amersfoort commander named one of Holland’s worst war criminals

According to researchers from the podcast “De Verdwenen SS’er”, the first commander of the mysteriously disappeared Kamp Amersfoort was one of Holland’s worst war criminals. German Walter Heinrich caused at least 625 deaths in Holland during World War II, Floris van Dijk, chief researcher at the national monument Kamp Amersfoort, studied archives. I then concluded. Trau report.

So far, records show that 325 prisoners were killed by starvation, terror, or deportation under Heinrich’s rule in the Amersfoort concentration camp. Van Dyck found that he was also responsible for the deaths of 300 Dutch resistance fighters.

After two years as a camp commander, Heinrich became an important figure in the Sicherheitsdienst, where he commanded the “secret state affairs”. According to researchers, he chose to deport Dutch resistance fighters to the punishment class “Nacht und Nebel”.

“Until now, I didn’t know who selected 600 Dutch resistance fighters and sent them to the Natsweiler-Stuthof camp, where 300 died. But it turned out to be Walter Heinrich. Combined with his work as a camp commander, this makes him a notorious war criminal – I hate to make comparisons, but dare I say one of the biggest war criminals of the Dutch War,” Van Dyck said. told the newspaper.

According to Van Dijk, it is important to identify the main “bad guys” of World War II. “Giving a face or a name to the perpetrator remains essential. Relatives receive concrete answers to pressing questions: Who is responsible for the suffering caused to our families?”

https://nltimes.nl/2022/10/08/kamp-amersfoort-commander-named-one-netherlands-worst-war-criminals Kamp Amersfoort commander named one of Holland’s worst war criminals

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