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King’s Day in the Netherlands | ExpatINFO Netherlands

King’s Day (or corning sdag in Dutch) is one of two public holidays in the Netherlands (the other being Liberation Day or Bevrijdingsdag). The whole country celebrates the monarch’s birthday. Read on to find out more about King’s Day in the Netherlands…

the first celebration

The celebration was first held on 31 August 1885, but not on the King’s birthday, but on the 5th birthday of his daughter, Princess Wilhelmina, who is believed to be the heir to the throne.was called princess day (again princess sedag). When she ascended the throne five years after her, the day became known as Her Queen’s Day (or Queen’s Day). Corning Guineagu).

Kingsday vs Queensday

Foreigners in the Netherlands may be familiar with the term King’s Day, but in fact few of these days have been celebrated.Since 1890, Queen’s Day has been celebrated 123 times. (during the reigns of Queen Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix). The first-ever King’s Day didn’t take place until 2014, the year after Willem-Alexander ascended the throne. The 2023 celebration will be her 10th King’s Day ever held in the Netherlands.

From the beginning, except from 1980 to 2013, Queen’s Day/King’s Day has been held on the actual birthday of the King of the Netherlands. This is when Queen Beatrix ascended to her throne and her birthday is on her January 31st. Outdoor activities have always played an important role in the festivities, and with bad weather likely in Holland at the end of January, Beatrix should continue to celebrate Queen’s Day on her April 30th while on the throne. (Mother’s birthday, not her own). When William Alexander became monarch, the date was moved to his actual birthday (his birthday is April 27, so it wasn’t a drastic change).

Dutch King's Day activities

kings day activities

Introduced by Queen Beatrix and continued by King Willem-Alexander, the tradition is for royals to visit Dutch cities as part of the celebrations of the day. Visits are made at different locations each year. On King’s Day 2023, the royal family will stay in Rotterdam. Recent King’s Day visits include Maastricht (2022), Eindhoven (2021), Amersfoort (2019), Groningen (2018) and Tilburg (2017). Our 2020 visit was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to royal visits (a televised event), traditional King’s Day activities include flea markets (where people can sell second-hand goods without a permit), fun fairs, outdoor dance parties and concerts. And so on. In many cities, the festivities begin on the eve (26 April) called King’s Night (or Koningsnacht).

king’s day orange

Many people in the Netherlands wear orange to celebrate King’s Day. because it is adopted.

Dressing in orange for King's Day in the Netherlands
Dutch flag on King's Day

king’s day flag

On King’s Day, the Dutch tricolor (red/white/blue) striped flag is hoisted with an orange scarf or pennant to mark a special day of celebration associated with the royal family. The same orange scarf is also worn on Queen Maxima’s birthday (May 17th), Queen Beatrix’s birthday (January 31st) and Princess of Orange’s birthday (December 7th) along with the Dutch flag. be raised.

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