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King’s Day was busy, sunny and no major incidents

Princess Amalia, Conning Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima in Rotterdam. Photo: Koen van Weel ANP

King’s Dag 2023 ended successfully without any major accidents, and the weather was unexpectedly sunny.

Royal family visits Rotterdam to mark the King’s 10th anniversaryth The accession year went without a hitch and was a “great party,” police said.

The Dutch railway company NS had warned that trains would be packed in the evening as people were on their way home.

And earlier in the day, officials in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda warned visitors not to come to the city centers because of the crowds.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/kings-day-was-busy-sunny-and-without-major-incidents/ King’s Day was busy, sunny and no major incidents

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