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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia seek alternative flights for travelers affected by Poly storm

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia said on Thursday they were doing their best to secure alternative flights. Travelers affected by Wednesday’s storm. However, neither airline can provide information on the exact number of passengers stranded at Schiphol or still waiting at the airport.

On Wednesday, airlines canceled or delayed more than 700 flights scheduled to take off or land at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. storm polywhich brought strong gusts of wind reaching up to 146 kilometers per hour.

A spokeswoman said KLM could not comment on specific figures, including how many passengers were able to board the plane on Wednesday. Nevertheless, the majority of passengers have already changed their bookings. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes every effort to provide clear information as soon as possible to customers who have not yet stayed.

A Transavia spokeswoman said it did not have a clear picture of how many passengers made it to their destinations, particularly due to missing declarations. Transavia offers Passengers the option to book alternate flights elsewhere if a suitable alternate flight is not available through Transavia. In such cases, Transavia will cover reasonable additional costs. “However, those receipts have not yet been submitted,” the spokesperson said.

Most of Transavia’s own flights are fully booked. “It’s not like suddenly there are flights left. That’s the problem. For example, today’s scheduled flights are also full,” said the spokesperson, adding that the situation will continue with the upcoming holiday season and the large number of repeat flights from Japan. I explained that it was happening because I needed to process a reservation. previous cancellation.

Schiphol had earlier warned that travelers expected more congestion at the airport in the coming days due to airline rebooking. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had to cancel more than 200 flights at Schiphol Airport due to Wednesday’s storm. Besides storms, airlines have also had to deal with runway capacity limitations caused by ongoing maintenance. Transavia Airlines has been forced to cancel 17 flights.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/06/klm-transavia-looking-replacement-flights-travelers-affected-storm-poly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia seek alternative flights for travelers affected by Poly storm

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