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KLM worried about tax for transferring passengers at Schiphol

KLM finds the plan to introduce a tax on transfer passengers at Schiphol Airport very worrying because it could lead to a sharp drop in the number of flights and many fewer passengers traveling with the airline. KLM said this after a CDA motion for the tax was approved by a majority of the Tweede Kamer. The tax is intended to help households with their energy bills.

However, KLM said it will adversely affect air services out of Schiphol, potentially preventing travelers from the Netherlands from flying directly to certain destinations. This could lead to travelers switching to other airports, resulting in a significant loss of revenue for KLM.

According to KLM, the Netherlands would be the only country in the world to impose such a transfer tax. The airline largely relies on travelers transferring from a European flight to an intercontinental flight at Schiphol. According to KLM, six out of 10 of the airline’s passengers transfer at Schiphol.

“It goes without saying that KLM cannot simply accept a proposal that has such immense consequences for us as a company and for the Netherlands as a whole,” the airline said in a statement. For example, ticket prices will increase “already significantly” by 80 to 100 euros starting in January due to the increase in the CO2 tax and climate measures. “This is piling tax on top of tax and driving passengers away to foreign airports,” the airline said.

A Schiphol spokesperson said the airport is of great value to the Dutch economy as a major aviation hub. Taxing transfer passengers could seriously undermine the Dutch competitive position, Schiphol said.

The proposal also includes a tax on private jets and must still be approved by the Senate.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/23/klm-worried-tax-transferring-passengers-schiphol KLM worried about tax for transferring passengers at Schiphol

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