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Lawmakers question privatization of Dutch vaccine lab

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MPs are very concerned about the health minister’s plans to sell the Dutch vaccine research institute Intravac to the private sector. Broadcaster NOS said Tuesday.

Ernst Kuipers plans to sell the Bilthoven-based laboratory that was part of the RIVM public health agency. In 2012 the production division was sold to an Indian company.

But parliamentarians have said they are concerned about the Dutch government’s decision to give its expertise in vaccine development to a commercial firm, and the coalition’s CDA said the lab would not go to the highest bidder or non-EU firm. I want the assurance that

The lab’s sale was halted during the coronavirus pandemic, but the process has resumed.

Kuipers said He does not believe there is enough “value added” in keeping the company especially for the Netherlands, and says vaccine development should be carried out at EU level.

He said Intravacc could attract private capital if it was no longer state-owned. Responding to parliamentarians’ questions, he said the proposal to limit sales to EU member states was legally impossible.

Lawmakers as well as the General Accounting Office have questioned the sale, saying it may not be in the public interest.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/mps-question-privatisation-of-dutch-vaccine-institute/ Lawmakers question privatization of Dutch vaccine lab

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