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Leiden-Hague train services canceled until at least April 11

On Tuesday night, broadcaster NOS said three people were in intensive care who were seriously injured in a train accident Monday night when a passenger and freight train went into construction. Their condition has been described as “very serious but stable” and all three have undergone surgery.

A total of 19 people were taken to several hospitals in the area in the aftermath of the crash, and one man, a BAM construction worker, died. Most of those who were hospitalized were then allowed to go home.

NS officials say investigators are trying to figure out what happened and that there will be no trains between Leiden and The Hague until at least April 11 while track repairs are made. , the bus is brought on a busy route between the two cities.

A crash in the village of Voorschoten occurred around 3:30 am on Tuesday, minutes after a passing freight train struck a crane, derailing an NS intercity train. Two of the four cars went down the embankment and landed in a field, but the third wobbled on the embankment.

Work has begun to clean up spilled lime from the freight train, but four carriages of the passenger train remain in place while police, Transport Ministry inspectors and the Public Prosecutor’s Office conduct an investigation.

Construction company BAM was performing routine maintenance work on a track that ran parallel to the track on which the train was traveling when the accident occurred.


The Safety Committee will lead the investigation of the accident. Police also said they would assess whether there are grounds for criminal charges and report the results to the public prosecutor’s office.

NS director Wouter Koolmees said the incident would be thoroughly investigated. “Like everyone else, I have a lot of questions and want to know exactly what happened.”

ProRail CEO John Foppen said the cranes were being used on two railroad tracks that were closed for scheduled maintenance work, parallel to the track on which the train was running. The investigation will focus on how the crane became an active line, Foppen said. “I’ve been with rails for his 17 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Four years ago, an NS train collided with a crane outside the high-speed train station Prinsenbeek near Breda. No one was injured, but all 250 passengers had to transfer to another train to Rotterdam.

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Photo: ns.nl

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/04/04/leiden-the-hague-train-services-cancelled-until-at-least-april-11 Leiden-Hague train services canceled until at least April 11

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