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Let’s cross the Kusui Great Embankment by bicycle this weekend

This weekend, and only this weekend, the Air Drain Embankment will be open to bicycles and pedestrians for the first time in over four years. Amsterdam National Park spent around €100,000 on this concession to cyclists who were eager to cycle around the IJsselmeer. NH News report.

Opening the air ditch to cyclists and pedestrians would require more than 3 kilometers of fences, dozens of volunteers to work together, and some roads to be cleared, according to Jaap Buitink of the Amsterdam National Park Public Works Authority. It is said that the section needs to be paved with asphalt urgently. “We are working all over the embankment, so we ask everyone to stay on track, too. Stay on the road and don’t take selfies on the new concrete blocks. It is dangerous.”

Only next year will a large portion of the embankment be open for bicycle traffic between Den Oeber and Breisanddike.

Despite the high cost, Buitink thinks a temporary opening this weekend is worth it. “It’s an iconic part of cycling in Holland. I call it the Dutch Alpe Douz.

The Air Canal Embankment will be open for two days from 8:00 on Saturday morning.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/27/cycle-across-afsluitdijk-weekend Let’s cross the Kusui Great Embankment by bicycle this weekend

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