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Leveraging Technology to Make Your Travels Easier and Comfortable

Technology advancement has made life much easierand better than some decades ago. There is now an app for almost everything, including something that can help you quit smoking.  Gone are the days that you needed to go through a lot of hassle just to make travel arrangements. Today, you can plan your entire business or vacation trip in the comfort of your couch. You can make your flight bookings, hotel reservations, and rent a car, with ease using online platforms. Numerous apps exist to help you plan the trip, make schedules, check the weather condition in your destination country, check and compare flight prices, and map for direction. Here are some ways to use technology to make your travels easier and memorable.

Get Your Research Done

Before you travel to a new country for business or tourism, do thorough research about the place. You have to check the current weather situation, places of interest, transportation, medical facilities, and travelers’ warnings. You can read reviews about your destination on TripAdvisor and other travel blogs.

Get Organized

Packing should be done at least two or three days before your trip. Don’t wait until the final day to rush with packing your luggage. Make sure you have all your essentials packed. Your traveling documents, laptop, chargers, medications, protective clothing, etc. must all be intact. Early preparation prevents leaving important things behind.

Flight Bookings

Holiday and business travelers always want the best deal and value for money when purchasing airline tickets. The process can be a little overwhelming when done manually or in person. Having to move from one ticket to the other, comparing prices and available dates is time-consuming. The world has moved, and ticketing can be done online at the comfort of your home. With apps or websites likeKayak, Skyscanner, Skiplagged, Expedia,Kiwi.com among others you can buy a flight ticket with no stress. They provide youwith flights information,airlines, available time, prices, and many more. In case you don’t find your preferred airlines in the list, book directly from the airlines’ official website.

Hotel Reservation/Lodging

You cannot enjoy a stress-free trip without proper accommodation. Where you sleep would determine the kind of energy and enthusiasm you use for the next day’s activities. But you don’t have to wait until you get to your destination before finding a hotel or guesthouse. Make your reservation online to avoid dragging your luggage from one hotel to the other in the search for where to lay your head. With your smartphone, you can visit sites like hotel.com, Marriott, Hilton, the Ritz-Carlton, and many others to reserve a room. You can also jump on to the Airbnb app to get a suitable homestay.

Car Rentals

Once you get to your destination airport, your next need would be transportation from the airport. But why must you even wait until you get there before searching, while you can make such arrangements online? Rent a car online with apps likeTuro, Priceline, Skyscanner or Alamo. If your trip is to Las Vegas for the much-awaited boxing bout, get a car rental near Las Vegas airport to make your journey smooth, convenient, and timely.

Leave no Moment Undocumented

Get your social media followers along with you as you tour the world by keeping them updated on your activities. Capture all those unforgettable movements with your phone or a professional camera. Let them see the beautiful places you visit, the wonderful architecture, and the sumptuous meal you tried.You can share the moments on Facebook or Instagram for more likes and reactions.

Use a Map

Navigate your way through town with no stress of getting lost using Google maps. Luckily your smartphone already hasa built-in GPS to help with maps, so you wouldn’t need to download one. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to roam about.


“Bonjour ca va”? How do you get to understand and respond to this basic French, without you having any prior knowledge about the language? What if you saw an inscription in a language you don’t understand? The days that we needed to learn a new language before traveling to a foreign country arefar gone. Translation apps like Google Translate will sort you out on all translation needs.

Use Electronic Payments

You don’tneed to carry lots of cash on you when you travel. You can make or receive payment digitally through Paypal, Skrill. Just connect your funding source like credit and visa cards with these platforms and enjoy easy payments. You can also get the currency conversion done to allow transfers into other currencies.


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