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Life-sentenced prisoners get an extra year for reintegration

Those sentenced to life imprisonment and allowed to work toward potential reintegration are given more time to reintegrate. This was decided by Minister Fran Wehrwint after consultation. However, this means that it cannot be released until a year later.

People sentenced to life imprisonment should not simply be in prison for life. After 25 years, the Special Advisory Board on Life Imprisonment must issue an opinion or the prisoners can begin their possible reintegration.

Once approved by the Minister, the process can begin. This does not yet mean that the person will be pardoned and released. The Minister will not consider this until his 27-year sentence has expired. Meanwhile, the minister will review how rehabilitation and reintegration have progressed. This will take him two years at most. In reality, it’s more likely to be a year and a half.

Experts have told Minister Weerwind that the time between the start of reintegration and a possible amnesty is too short. Therefore, Weerwind would like to consider amnesty only after 28 years in the future. It is not yet clear when these regulations will come into force.

Weerwind would also like to consider whether the furlough rules should be changed. Perhaps life-sentenced inmates will soon be allowed to stay overnight outside prison during furloughs. Currently this is not allowed.

Until 2017, those sentenced to life imprisonment essentially remained in prison for the rest of their lives. According to decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court, this violates human rights and is no longer allowed. It has been replaced by a system with reintegration options and possible amnesties.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/02/04/life-sentenced-prisoners-will-get-additional-year-reintegration Life-sentenced prisoners get an extra year for reintegration

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