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Lightning Roulette, Blackjack & Poker: Most Popular Live Casino Games To Be Played

The live casino sector has continued to experience a growing trend in recent years as it has continued to gain popularity amongst the gambling community.

Live casino games are online versions of the classic games that can typically be found and played at a table within a physical establishment, as they provide bettors with the chance to experience an authentic experience from wherever they choose to play.

Indeed, the continued innovation and advancement in technology has continued to help facilitate the surge in popularity of the sector, such as the ability to be able to play games on a smartphone or tablet device.

Because of the newfound ability that bettors have these days, gamblers are no longer required to go to a physical casino as they can play wherever they wish, which has then ultimately led to a number of different games to become incredibly popular.

It probably does not come as a surprise to learn that many of the classic table games that can be found in a brick-and-mortar casino have become incredibly popular with punters as they are able to receive the same experiences online as they were able to in person like being able to chat and communicate with everyone around the table including a live dealer, however there are some games that have been given a lift, which technology has allowed to happen.

Let’s take a look at these games and why they have become the most popular live casino games to play:

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette live casino game is one of the most popular games to have been created as technology has allowed for a classic table game to be converted into a new variant that provides bettors with plenty of excitement as it is a highly innovative title and one that goes against the norm of what a physical casino table game can offer.

Created by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette incorporates a mixture of real-life play and online play together. Bettors will find a real wheel and a live dealer when they play the game, whilst there is also a table that will show where their bets have been placed.

However, the online aspect of the game will see players be able to see lightning strike down on the wheel where between one and five numbers are struck. The numbers to have been hit by lightning will then provide jackpot prizes if they have been bet on prior to the wheel being spun. Rewards will range from between 50x and 500x the bet for those lucky enough to land the prize!


When thinking about one of the most popular casino games of all time, blackjack will always be near the very top of the list, therefore it should not come as a surprise to learn that it will be near the top of the popularity charts for live casino games, as well.

The game is perhaps one of the easiest card games available to punters to play, with very few rules being required to learn whilst they remain rather simple to understand at the same time.

Live blackjack is one such game that can be truly replicated whilst being played online, as players are still able to see what the live dealer does and how they are dealing the cards. Additionally, they are still able to speak with them and retain some social interaction as they play each round of the classic game.


Poker is another all-time classic that is available to play at an online casino and is perhaps favoured over playing at an actual casino. Poker games can go on for a little while whilst individuals will be able to feel as relaxed as possible whilst playing online instead of in a setting where each and every move they make is being closely scrutinised by each and every player sitting around the table.

With a plethora of different variants of the classic game, live casinos provide bettors with the opportunity to choose the version that they prefer, as well, whereas limited space in a physical venue can mean the preferred choice of game may not actually be available.

Live Roulette

Although Lightning Roulette has already been managed, it would be unforgiving not to mention that traditional roulette games are amongst some of the most popular live casino games for punters.

Although they may not get to feel the social interaction of everyone cheering and jumping around them at the table when they score a huge win, the game still provides the same authentic experience online as bettors will be required to place their bets and watch the wheel spin in anticipation and dread after the live dealer has set the ball free!

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