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Locals ‘fed up’ as environmental inspector joins Tata Steel

The Tata Steel factory in IJmuiden. Photo: Depositphotos.com

The environmental inspector responsible for overseeing Tata Steel now works for the steel giant, “disgusting” locals and critics of the steel giant’s controversial environmental record. volksland report.

Benedict Fick, an attorney who works for 1,200 locals and numerous foundations in the case against Tata Steel, said the inspector’s job change was a “very worrying development.”

“This is the power of money,” Ficq told the paper. “It’s all about getting knowledge from the body that’s watching over you, making it easier to continue your polluted ways,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Tata Steel dismissed the criticism as “innuendo” and “bar gossip” and said the company “welcomed a strong watchdog”.

However, Noordzeekanaalgebied, the department in which the women worked, was described by the state’s policy watchdog, Randstedelijke Rekenkamer, as “sloppy” in its working practices and “incapable of fulfilling its mandate to effectively monitor Tata Steel.” ‘, the paper said.

Sanne Walvisch of the foundation Frisse Wind, headed by Ficq, told the newspaper investigators had spoken to her directly about her decision. “She looked very strong. But suddenly she was gone. To go.

good impression

A spokeswoman said Tata Steel is not actively recruiting environmental inspectors. The woman told her new boss that she “had a good feeling about the possibility of contributing to change from within the organization.”

A spokesman for her former employer said it was not unheard of for people working for environmental services to get a job at one of the companies under their control. he told the newspaper.

Staff are obligated to sign a confidentiality agreement that covers the period after retirement. In this case, it is unclear how long that period will be, or what sanctions will apply if it is violated.

In January of this year, the Institute of Public Health RIVM found that the Tata Steel Works was the main source of metal and polycarbon-based pollutants in the Aimond area, and figures collected by the Community Health Board suggested that the pollution was due to the company’s own emissions. He said it indicated it was more serious than the record indicated. .

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/environmental-inspector-joins-tata-steel-ranks-locals-gobsmacked/ Locals ‘fed up’ as environmental inspector joins Tata Steel

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