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Looking Ahead to Spring 2022 – What Will Be Trending?

Although the official start to spring is many, many months away, that doesn’t mean a person can’t dream and start getting excited about its arrival. And while everyday people still have months before they can start pulling out their spring clothing, designers have already created their collections and are now showing them on the runways. So, what will be hot for spring 2022? We’ve got a sneak peek at some of the trends, designs and fashions that could work their way into your spring wardrobe.

Crochet Will Have a Big Moment

Sometimes a trend isn’t so much about a particular piece of clothing, rather it is the texture of the fabric being used. That is the case for spring 2022 as it looks like crochet is going to have a big moment. And it’s not just the typical crochet purses – we are talking about crochet fashion from head to toe. That includes shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters and more. Knitwear is about to be huge.For those who aren’t quite sold on the idea of crochet clothing, look for pieces that have crochet details. This is a great way to dip your toes into the trend without going all the way.

It’s Time for a Fun Print – Gingham Is Where It’s At

Prints are typically big for spring as they add color, personality and liven up the outfit. So, what will be the trending print to grab for spring? It looks like the designers have embraced all things gingham. Gingham is showing up on all the top designer runways, appearing in different colors and with different pieces. You can opt for a gingham dress to really punch up the trend, or just a cute gingham blouse or pair of shorts.

Designer Sandals – Always a Staple Piece in Spring/Summer Fashion

If there’s one item that manages to have lasting power where spring and summer trends are concerned, it would have to be sandals – not just any sandals, but designer sandals. Think in terms of Gucci sandals and more specifically the iconic Gucci slides. These women’s sandals from Gucci are timeless. They work with every trend and fashion, are instantly recognizable, can elevate any outfit and they have an air of high-fashion and sophistication about them. It’s a great way to also be stylish while feeling comfortable.

Another fabulous benefit of designer sandals is that they tend to come in different heel heights, styles, fabrics, colors and textures so there is something for everyone.

Picking Up a Few New Spring Skirts – It’s All About the Mini

Spring is the perfect time to pull out your collection of skirts and, for 2022, it’s all about the mini length skirt. Outside of the length, you have a lot of leeway in terms of fabric, style and color. But for now, it means pushing all those maxi and midi length skirts to the back of the closet.

Low Rise Pants and Skirts Will Remain

This past spring, we saw plenty of low-rise pants and skirts on the runways and they proved to be quite hot. It looks like things haven’t changed as designers are still choosing this hemline but with a slight change. What is noticeable is that the rise has gotten even lower. Obviously, this won’t be a trend that everyone is keen to embrace, but if you are a fan of low rise, it looks like 2022 will be for you.

Calling All the Boho Fans – It’s Time to Break Out the Fringe

Fringe consistently has a knack for finding its way onto the runway every few years and spring 2022 is dotted with it. Whether you choose a fringe embellished purse, shoes, pants, skirt or top – you’ll be in fashion. Fringe offers interest and movement to an outfit, so it’s also a great element to add to existing pieces in your wardrobe. It will instantly update your look.

Heading Out on the Town – Choose High-Shine Fabrics

What about clothing for a night out on the town? Or maybe dinner drinks with a date, the bar with friends, or a hot new restaurant? Each of these will be the perfect time to embrace the hot trend for spring which is high-shine fabrics. Once again, you can dress head to toe in the style, or just have a pop of it. As for what counts as high-shine fabrics,it can include such things as satin with a sheen finish, luxe lame and even sequins. You can also showcase your inner designer by mixing different high-shine fabrics.

So, while the calendar shows springas being very far off in the distance, there is no reason why you have to wait until that point to update your wardrobe. Picking up pieces now means you’ll be ready when the nice weather arrives.

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