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Low voter turnout as Dutch expats sign up for Senate ballots

With just a few days left, so far only about 30,000 of the one million Dutch citizens abroad have signed up to vote for a direct say in the Senate this year.

The figure is “disappointing” and well below the 90,000 people who were able to vote in the 2021 general election, said PvdA campaign manager and candidate Tim van Lieshout.

Expats in the Netherlands must register by February 1 their intention to vote with the Electoral College, which will vote for the 75-seat Senate in May. This is the first time a Dutch foreigner has been able to influence the composition of the Senate after changes to voting rules earlier this year.

Many things are at stake, Van Rieshout said, given that the coalition government does not control the Senate. “Which will be the biggest group, her VVD led by Edith Schippers, or the new left-wing group that combines GroenLinks and her PvdA?”

“These elections are aimed at strengthening democracy and influencing current government policies.”

Dutch citizens residing outside the Netherlands and not registered with a local government vote via the central registration system in The Hague, even if they have previously registered to vote in the general elections.

After completing and submitting the form, you will receive confirmation when you arrive in The Hague and will be confirmed again when you are registered, along with a copy of your Dutch ID.

register to vote

Voting is by mail, but voting is done by email. If you live in Aruba, Curacao or Sint Maarten, you will receive your ballot through the Dutch Representative Office.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/low-turnout-as-dutch-expats-sign-up-for-senate-vote/ Low voter turnout as Dutch expats sign up for Senate ballots

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