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Mad cow disease found in cows on Dutch farm during routine inspection

Mad cow disease, or BSE, has been identified in cows on Dutch farms. Department of Agriculture said Wednesday.

Tests have not yet been established whether the cows suffered from the classical or atypical variant of the disease.

Atypical variants found sporadically in older animals are not a problem for humans. But the classic version, which caused a major health hazard in the 1990s, is that eating infected meat can cause humans to develop the brain disease Creutzfeldt Jakob.

A total of 88 classic variants have been found in Dutch cattle since the testing program began in 1997. The last case of mad cow disease in the Netherlands dates back to 2011 and involved an atypical variant.

The ministry said the cow is not part of the food chain and poses no threat to food safety. Officials have declined to reveal where the farm is located, only saying it is closed pending further inspections.

Authorities are now tracking the offspring of that cow, animals that ate the same food, and animals that grew up with the infected cow.

BSE is european surveillance system Introduced post-mortem inspection of at-risk animals over a certain age.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/mad-cow-disease-found-in-cow-on-dutch-farm-during-routine-tests/ Mad cow disease found in cows on Dutch farm during routine inspection

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