Megastores to be demolished and replaced by housing

The Megastores shopping center near the Hollands Spoor train station will be demolished. From the outset, the complex, which opened in 2000, faced vacancies and disappointing visitor numbers.

Owners Amvest and COD have revealed plans to transform Megastores into a 200,000-square-meter green urban precinct with approximately 2,000 apartment units and approximately 55,000-square-meter commercial and social facilities with car and bicycle parking.

After the demolition, seven new blocks were built on the site of the megastore, with shops on the ground floor and spaces for social functions such as sports, healthcare, culture and catering. His 2,000 apartments, above, are a mix of social, mid-rent, free-sector, and owner-occupied small pieces. The height of residential towers does not exceed 70 meters.

Demolition is set to begin in mid-2024 and construction is expected to begin in late 2024. After that, the first residential and retail blocks are expected to be completed by the end of 2027. The entire project he plans to complete around 2030.

Illustration: Line Bout, Stefano Barile Megastores to be demolished and replaced by housing

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