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Minister changes healthcare ‘inherent risk’ rules to curb demand

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Cabinet plans to change rules covering healthcare’s own risks (native lysico) payments will save people from having to donate more than €150 at a time for treatment.

Currently, over 18s have to pay €385 a year for medical expenses, excluding visits to a GP and some treatment for chronically ill patients. Also, most people who undergo surgery or more complex treatments spend the entire amount at once.

Now the Cabinet is planning to split the payments. This means that if he only gets one treatment in a year, he will only have to pay €150 himself instead of the full €385, so he will get better results.

The government hopes that the idea of ​​paying another 150 euros for more treatment this year will make people think twice about the need and decide to delay treatment or oppose it altogether. increase.

The Dutch Patients Association said the move, which was agreed at a cabinet meeting on Friday, raises many questions, especially about the implications for those who voluntarily opt for higher self-risk factors in exchange for lower premiums. I objected.

The minister expects about 1 million people to take an average of 100 euros less of their own risk. This leads to lower medical insurance premiums because fewer expenses need to be declared.

In total, they expect the measures to bring savings of €200 million.

Health Minister Ernst Kuipers will soon announce details about the changes. At this time, it is unclear when the new rules will take effect.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/ministers-change-healthcare-eigen-risico-rules-to-brake-demand/ Minister changes healthcare ‘inherent risk’ rules to curb demand

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