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Ministers, Shell admits failure of Groningen gas field

This cafe in Zeerijp has been around for many years.Photo: Graham Dockery

Mines Minister Hans Beilbrief has described as “very serious” the findings of a parliamentary inquiry set to investigate problems caused by the development of large gas fields under the Groningen regime. .

“Reading facts one after another takes my breath away” he told reporters later report presentation“I feel ashamed more than anything. It means we have to do something.”

A very infamous report said that the state and oil companies owed an “honorable debt” to the people of Groningen and that their interests were always subordinated to money-making interests.

Since 1986, more than 1,600 earthquakes with magnitudes up to 3.6 have struck, damaging tens of thousands of homes, but it took until 2018 for the government to begin curtailing gas production.

In a short statement, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, “What started as something great at the end of the 1950s ended in a nightmare for the people of Groningen.” he said. “The report brings justice to the Groningen faction and the Cabinet must do the same.”

The Cabinet is expected to announce a formal response at a later date.

oil company

shell and exxon mobilCo-owns gas exploration company NAM.

The two men, along with the government, were criticized in the report for not taking the concerns of local residents seriously and for prioritizing profits over people.

“The people of Groningen had many drawbacks of gas extraction, but only a few advantages.

Companies involved in gas extraction, including Shell, did not properly listen when people in Groningen expressed concerns about damage to their homes and safety risks, she said. has important lessons to learn.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/ministers-shell-admit-failings-over-groningen-gas-fields/ Ministers, Shell admits failure of Groningen gas field

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