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Missing 20-year-old British man found dead in Hoorn ditch

A 20-year-old man who has been missing since Sunday was found dead in a ditch in Hoorn on Saturday. The person is believed to be a missing British man, Thomas Delafay. Also known as Akabane Taiga. De Telegraaf reported. Police speculate that the young man, last seen near the Dyklander hospital in Hoorn, did not die from a crime.

A search team searching for the missing man found a body in a ditch on Saturday. Police have now identified the man as a previously missing man. Search parties searched the vicinity of the hospital. Police said they “sympathize with the bereaved family’s feelings.”

The newspaper said Thomas had visited Hoorn with a friend. They went to parties together where drugs were also consumed.

However, the young Briton is said to have overdosed on drugs and developed psychosis as a result. De Telegraaf said his friend took him to Dyklander Hospital after 30 hours had passed and his condition had not improved. After the friend left the hospital, he went to the place where they were staying to pick up his luggage, and when he returned, Thomas had already disappeared.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/18/20-year-old-missing-british-man-found-dead-ditch-hoorn Missing 20-year-old British man found dead in Hoorn ditch

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