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Missing Dutch people after landslide in Georgia have not been found yet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet heard from the two Dutch nationals who have been missing in Georgia since Saturday, a spokesperson said. It was announced on Saturday evening that at least 17 people have died since Friday in a landslide in the Georgian mountain resort of Shovi. The Dutch ambassador is on his way to the affected area.

Rescue teams are searching for victims in the area. “It is a complicated situation as there is a risk of further landslides,” the ministry spokesperson said.

The families of the missing people are being assisted by embassy staff and local authorities. “That’s about all that can be done,” the spokesman explained.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already announced on Saturday that the identification of the dead was underway. At that time, a total of 18 people were still missing, including children. The missing Dutch nationals were also said to be minors. However, the ministry could not confirm this.

The accident site is located in the mountainous northwest of Georgia. The Red Cross had previously reported that bridges and roads in the area had been destroyed by the landslide.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/06/missing-dutch-people-landslide-georgia-found-yet Missing Dutch people after landslide in Georgia have not been found yet

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