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Monday marks first storm day of 2023, warmest yet

Noordwijk kitesurfers who make the most of the wind. Photo: Nico Gerstmann ANP

Monday was the first official storm day of the year, with 9-speed winds recorded over several coastal areas, including IJmuiden and the island of Vlieland in the Wadden Sea.

The strongest gusts reaching 107 km/h were recorded at Lauversöck on the Groningen coast. To qualify as an official storm, wind speeds must average 9 or more per hour.

The last official storm in the Netherlands was on February 20, 2022, which was also the first year since 1933 without an official autumn or winter gale.

According to the weather website Weeronline, Monday was also the warmest day ever, reaching 18 degrees Celsius in Volkel and 16.6 degrees Celsius at the De Wild weather station near Hilversum, where official weather records are set.

There will still be strong winds on Tuesday, but it will be much cooler with temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, according to the KNMI weather office. Wednesday will be similar, but the second half of the week will be warmer.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/monday-is-the-first-stormy-day-of-2023-and-the-warmest-so-far/ Monday marks first storm day of 2023, warmest yet

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